Why We're Here

We are a 501c3 not for profit horse rescue and equine rehabilitation program. It is our passion and dream to save displaced horses and to offer them the chance to become safe and loving companions. We are able to accomplish this through the dedication of our equine veterinarians, quarantine providers, transporters, volunteers, trainers and foster homes

Our Horses for Adoption

Please check out our hooved companions! If you are interested in adoption or foster care, please send us a message !



Arabian Cross

Meet our beautiful 2 year old (almost 3) Arabian cross filly. Rescued from Bastrop Kill Pen in April 2018. She is compact and has a great head on her shoulders, holding her own in a pasture with many other horses.  She is an old soul!  Azaria clips, loads, stands for farrier, and loves her showers and grooming.

Bayou Belle

Quarter Horse Cross

Belle is currently unavailable! and in a Wisconsin foster home.  She and her baby were rescued out of the Bastrop Kill pen on March 28, 2018. She will appear in the Midwest Horse Challenge in the fall. Her baby Elle is also with her and is currently in training. It appears that Elle is gaited. 

Codette Command


Quarter Horse

 Codette is 18 year old registered QH with a reining bloodline.  She was bred by Zimmerman Reining Horses in Idaho.  Codette was rescued from the Colorado Kill Pen on September 15, 2017. She is a liver chestnut standing at 15 hh.  She has a bone chip in her left knee and cannot be rode.  She makes an excellent companion horse and is currently seeking a sponsor.


Hackney Cross

Maya was rescued from Bastrop Kill pen in Louisiana  on April 7. Lil Vada was born on the kill lot on April 1, 2018. Vada has been adopted. Maya is doing well learning ground manners and is being worked in the round pen. Maya is currently at Journey Home Horse Rescue in Wisconsin.



Paso Fino

Arabella is a pretty little 8 year old Paso Fino standing at 14.2 hh.  Broke to ride and has a history of trail riding.  She spent some months under professional training.  She has been on site since the end of July and is still undergoing evaluation.




Meet beautiful Electra. She is an Arabian mare that we pulled last year out of Stroud kill pen at as a young 6 month old filly.  At 19 months, she loads, clips and stands for farrier.  She is Egyptian bred.  A dark bay with black mane and tail, standing 13.3hh.  Currently working on ground manners.


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Oakley is a 15 month old  Buckskin Tobino stud colt.

He is halter broke, stands for farrier, and is currently working on ground manners.  He is very smart and catches on quickly.




Nova was rescued from the Colorado Kill pen on May 4, 2018. Lil Oakley was born just 10 days later in Colorado in quarantine.  She is 16 year old mare who is Perlino in color and has gorgeous blue eyes.  She rides in a bitless bridle.  She still is timid of water from a sprinkler which we are working on, as well as continued ground work.  She stands, loads, clips, but is low on the herd totem pole.


Spotted Saddle Horse

Meet our beautiful filly, Elle.  she is currently in foster care in Wisconsin with her mother, Bayou Belle.  she was rescued from Bastrop kill pen in the summer of 2018.


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Quarter Horse

Felicity is a 14-year old Foundation QH mare.  She is chestnut, standing at 15 2 hh.  She is a great trail horse and naturally takes the lead, watching out for her herd.  Felicity was rescued from North Carolina in June of 2017.



Quarter Horse

 Cash is a handsome 16-month old QH buckskin dun stud colt.  He is Cryptorchid and is awaiting surgery.  He stands at 14 3 hh.  He loads, ties, stands for farrier, and he is entitled to papers.  He and his mother came from an auction interception in South Dakota when he was 2 months old.  He has a very calm disposition.

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Foster Homes Needed!

We are looking for a few foster homes to help us rehabilitate new horses.

Some fosters donate feed and hay.  We pay for farrier expenses and vetting, but not boarding.  Experience with green horses is preferred but not always needed.

For more information, contact:  [email protected]

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Hooved Companion Project needs your help to support all the horses on our farm. Food, vet bills, farrier fees, general maintenance, etc. are ongoing costs. Consider making your donation recur each month!


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